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Top five tips for getting your child to brush and floss everyday

The best rewards, however, aren't found on the chart; fewer cavities healthy, teeth and gums and a beautiful smile!

Top five tips for getting your child to brush and floss everyday

It is no secret that getting kids to brush and floss regularly can be a struggle. Here are your best bets for getting your child into a daily dental hygiene routine.

  1. Provide a good example for your child by having him see you brush and floss your teeth twice a day.
  2. Have your child brush earlier in the evening, when snacks are finished instead of right before bed. Children are more awake and tend to do a better job.
  3. Instead of using a timer have your child choose her favorite song then brush to get rid of the sugar bugs until the song is over.
  4. Let your child choose the toothbrush toothpaste and dental floss as long as all three are age appropriate.
  5. Create rewards chart; for example after two weeks of full regular brushing and flossing decide on a treat (not food related) such as staying up a little late on the weekend or watching a new or favorite movie together.

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