Teething Pains

SIGNS: When primary teeth are coming in, your child's gums may be painful, swollen and sensitive. Facial rash, drooling, sucking, ear rubbing, chewing on anything the baby can find, lack of appetite, unusual irritability and disturbed sleep could be signs of discomfort. These symptoms will start 4 days before and three days after tooth eruption.

FEVER: Although mild temperature elevation -less then 38.6 'C, could be expected teething should not make a baby sick or feverish- or cause diarrhea. Never dismiss these signs as symptoms of teething.

PAIN RELIEF: You can rub your child's gums with your finger to relieve the pain associated with teething. I also recommend to wash the baby's face more often to avoid the development of a rash around the mouth. Cold teething rings or a cloth soaked in cold water to chew on might help. I do not recommend teething biscuits because of their sugar content.

Do not apply any analgesic gels which could make the throat numb and increase the risk of choking.