Radiation and Medication use during Pregnancy

No increase in congenital abnormalities or intrauterine growth retardation has been reported for x-ray radiation exposure during pregnancy totalling less than 5-10 cGy.

Your baby may be more at risk once exposed to 100 mGy or more of radiation. A dental x- ray will expose your baby to less than 0.01 average dose mGy, far below the risk level.

The safety of an x-ray during pregnancy also depends on where you are in your pregnancy. The risks from damage by radiation is higher during your first trimester.

Acetaminophen is the safest analgesic (pain killer) for use in pregnancy. Ibuprofen should be avoided specifically in third trimester. The estolate form of erythromycin and tetracyclines should be avoided as well.

Lidocaine without epinephrine will be the choice of anaesthetic of choice for dental work. Fluoride should be delayed until after pregnancy.

Let our dental team know that you are pregnant and resume your regular dental check-ups for a healthy pregnancy and baby.