Nutrition and Oral Health

We all have germs in our mouth that are generally harmless, but once they come into contact with sugar within half an hour they start producing a mild acid that eats away at the tooth enamel. Over time, the enamel gets soft and cavity forms. The damage all depend on how much sugar goes into your mouth or how long it stays there. There are also foods that contain acid and aside from being responsible of cavities, they will cause dental erosion; these are mainly soft drinks, sport drinks and citrus fruits and their juices.
To reduce the effects of acids on your teeth, try to consume these food and drinks at the end of a meal when your saliva level is high so it helps to wash away the acids.

The following is some advise to help you protect your teeth.

  1. Try smart snacking and avoid sugar-sweetened soft drinks.
  2. Avoid soft sticky treats as they cling to your teeth and are harder to brush away. Opt for nuts, seeds, cheese and vegetables as good snacking alternatives that will not harm your teeth.
  3. Always brush and floss your teeth before going to bed and keep a travel size tooth brush with you at all times and use it after eating sweets. If you can not brush right away, drink a glass of water or chew sugar free gum.
  4. Follow Canada's Food Guide to make healthy choices.

By adopting good oral hygiene habits, you will be able to live with a healthy mouth and beautiful smile..!