Between 10 and 39 percent of children's dental injuries result from sports accidents.

Mouthguards are proven to reduce the incidence of these injuries.
There are three main types of mouthguards and they vary in cost, comfort and effectiveness. These are Custom- Made, Boil-And-Bite and Ready-Made mouthguards.

An ideal mouthguard is resilient, durable, and comfortable, that fits properly, easy to clean and doesn't impede breathing or speech.
A well made and properly cared for mouthguard can last several years if the bite of the athlete is fully developed.
Custom-Made mouthguards provide the best fit, protection and comfort and are most durable.
Boil-And-Bite types are easy and less costly to make but the fit is not as precise and they are bulkier therefore they are not as comfortable.

Ready-Made mouthguards are held in place by clenching teeth together and as a result they offer the least amount of comfort, protection and durability. Mouthguards are not just for children. In 2012 in our office we had three adult patients between the ages of 20 and 35 who had sports accidents. One of them lost three teeth, broke two teeth and had to have several implants placed, the other had lost one tooth and needed one implant; the last patient had a broken jaw and had surgery; none of them were wearing mouthguards or using any kind of protection. We would be happy to help you with getting mouthguard for yourself or your children,please call our office for a consultation.