Eating Habits, Stains and Cavities

Eat high fibre foods, because they require more chewing, thus causing our saliva to flow, which helps neutralize destructive mouth acids and as we chew them their fibre can help remove plaque.

Don't use chewable vitamin tablets; they contain acid which gets into the fissures or grooves our teeth.

Potato chips and one can of cola are the perfect recipe for tooth destruction. Why? Cola contains phosphoric acid( which attacks your tooth enamel) and sugar (which feeds the bacteria in your mouth); the chips cling to your teeth and they produce even more acid.

Some people have tooth enamel like glass and nothing stains them while others have coarse enamel that stains easily. You can't change the enamel you're born with but you can use a well- fluoridated toothpaste which can also help reduce staining.