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Early versus Late Bloomers

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Early versus Late Bloomers

As in other areas of growth and development permanent teeth erupt at different times in different children - the result of normal biological variation.

If baby teeth don't fall out on their own it could be due to crowding of the underlying adult teeth -which impedes the ability to push the baby teeth up and out.

Or it could mean the complete absence of the permanent tooth. Don't panic if your child is slow to loose teeth but seek professional opinion.

In general stubborn baby teeth do not need to get removed by the dentist.

If a baby tooth is knocked out before the permanent tooth is ready to erupt it could result in the loss of space in the dental arch for the emerging adult tooth. In which case of having to place holding the device might be necessary. Speak to your dentist as soon as possible.

The first permanent teeth erupt at about six or seven years of age. These are the first molars and the lower central incisors. Not until ages 17 to 21 will all the adult teeth have erupted. The last to emerge are the third molars, wisdom teeth.

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