Antioxidants and Gum Disease

Here are a few sentences to give an idea what gum disease is and the reasons behind it.

Gingivitis is the inflammation and infection of the gums around the teeth.
Periodontitis is the inflammation and infection of the supportive tissues (these tissues are the bone that is housing the roots, ligaments which attach the gum to the bone and tooth) surrounding and supporting the teeth.

Oral bacteria that is not removed and left in the mouth in large amounts colonize and start becoming harmful for the oral tissues.
Our body produces free radicals as a defence against oral bacteria. But those same defending free radicals can cause damage to our own mouth- ie: destruction of connective tissue.
We have to get rid of as much bacteria as possible so our body does not need to produce as many free radicals.
Reducton of bacteria can be accomplished by better brushing, flossing and more regular debridement
(scaling and polishing, cleaning teeth and exposed root surfaces) performed by the Dental Hygienist.
We can also make sure we have enough antioxidants ensuring free radicals are neutralized before damage occurs.

As a quick guide for yourselves, most spices (like cinnamon, thyme etc.) are very high in antioxidants as well as most fruit, vegetables and supplements.

Check out for a more complete list.