Periodontitis/Gum Disease

New study estimates that nearly half of the North American adults have some level of periodontal disease, the percentage being increased to nearly 3/4 for older adults.

Periodontitis is the inflammation and infection of the supportive tissues (these tissues are the bone that is housing the roots, ligaments which attach the gum to the bone and tooth) surrounding and supporting the teeth.

As with a lot of dental disease prevention is the key to address periodontitis.

Removal of microbial plaque and calculus is necessary to establish periodontal health. The first step in the treatment of periodontitis involves nonsurgical cleaning below the gumline with a procedure called scaling and debridement. In addition to initial scaling and root planing, it may also be necessary to adjust the occlusion (bite) to prevent excessive force on teeth that have reduced bone support.

Also, it may be necessary to complete any other dental needs, such as replacement of rough, plaque-retentive restorations, closure of open contacts between teeth, and any other requirements diagnosed at the initial evaluation.